The Best MacBook & MacBook Pro Accessories To Buy In 2018

Deciding which are the best accessories to invest in for your MacBook or MacBook Pro is not the most straightforward decision for a lot of our readers. However, our staff have owned many generations of Apple laptops over the years and have grown to learn the ins and outs of these machines. With this type of knowledge, we are familiar enough with the MacBook’s strengths and weaknesses enough to determine which accessories are essential enough to own.

Throughout this guide, we will be introducing you to many different accessory segments and mentioning a few notable products within each section that we recommend you take a look at. As everyone’s needs differ, some accessories might be right up your alley whereas some might not be of use to you at all so feel free to skip around or utilize the ‘quick links’ feature embedded below to get right into the good stuff.

External Power & Charging

Omnicharge Power Bank - apple laptop accessories

If you travel often and want to use your computer on the go, your internal battery can become a problem. Unlike smartphones or tablets, there aren’t many battery banks that can support the portable charging of a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Fortunately, the Omni 20 by OmniCharge is compatible with any Apple laptop thanks to its support offering a native 100W AC outlet and large 20,400 mAh battery. This means it can externally power virtually any consumer electronic, but you’ll still need to use your Apple charger to utilize this power bank properly for your MacBook.

Accessory supports: works with all MacBook and MacBook Pro models (standard wall charger required for use)

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