Omnicharge Smart Power Bank Has Brains and Brawn

I was going to attempt to write this review without mentioning Pokémon GO, but I just did. You want to be the best Pokémon GO trainer in the universe? Well, you are going to need to have a couple things. The first is a good data plan and the second is a solid compact, portable power bank. There are plenty of these on the market, at a wide range of price points. How many of them are as smart as the Omnicharge though? Funding now on Indiegogo and shipping later this year, the Omnicharge was designed and built to put all other portable battery banks to shame with smart, responsive charging and a built-in CPU loaded with algorithms to protect itself and your devices. Toasters included.

The Omnicharge comes in a standard 13600mAh model and a pro 20400mAh model. You’ll want the 20400mAh if you want to charge your 15.4 inch AppleAAPL +0.72% Macbook Pro, as the max power output of the 13600 is 65W. The 20400mAh puts out 100W. You’re thinking right now, how am I plugging my Macbook Pro into a USB port on a portable battery? Well, you aren’t. The Omnicharge has two USB ports and a standard AC/DC port. Plug in your things, the Omnicharge will charge the crap out of it. Within certain safety parameters of course.

The most important detail about the Omnicharge, and one would assume the greatest selling point for a portable battery, is that it knows what it’s charging. Well, the Omnicharge can’t tell you the difference between a lamp and a vacuum cleaner in the physical sense, but it knows in the power sense. Whatever device you have plugged into the Omnicharge, whether through USB or AC/DC, it actively recognizes the needed optimal voltage levels for the thing. It self-adjusts the power output for efficient powering or charging. Basically, if you plug a low voltage device into the Omnicharge it won’t fry the crap out of it.

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