Power Considerations for Today’s Enterprise IT Environment

The world of mobile devices back in its initial 1983 commercial debut was drastically different from what we know now. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds with only 30-minutes of talk time and taking 10 hours to charge, there’s no way the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X would meet today’s digital nomadic requirements.

Now, most of us likely don’t function without some form of technology nearby whereas just 30 years ago the notion of having a cellphone was not commonplace (hard to imagine, right?).

Today, we wake up to the sound of a smartphone versus an actual alarm clock, check our schedules on tablets rather than paper-based daily planners and listen to music via bluetooth instead of scanning through radio stations or popping in a cassette tape.

And let’s face it, if the power went off for more than an hour (okay maybe 10 minutes) most people in the office would not know how to proceed with their work. For this reason alone, it’s safe to say that reliable access to a power source is extremely vital to a successful corporate environment.

Since these enhanced tech devices have drastically altered our daily routines, both in and out of work, why not upgrade power sources to meet today’s standards?

With all the devices people bring into work everyday for basic work functions, from cell phones to tablets and laptops, enterprise IT professionals have their hands full. As such, having a few outlets for desktop computers and audio visual equipment is not enough to satisfy today’s work environment. People are always on the go from meeting to meeting and don’t want to be limited due to their lack of power access.  

When there haven’t been enough outlets in conference or side meeting room, enterprise IT hears about it but have been typically had their hands tied. Here are some things to consider when deciding how to alleviate the issue of providing enough power for today’s workforce:

Cost of infrastructural upgrades

Workspace flexibility

Self-service options

Increase in productivity

Theft prevention

Smart hardware

As employees are increasingly using more devices, power access will continue to be a compounded problem. If you’re not in the first few people to arrive to the conference room for a meeting, you can forget about finding an outlet for your laptop.

Enter the Omnicharge Power Station.

Through its self-service option, IT professionals’ work is cut in half and significantly streamlined. Omnicharge hits two birds with one stone – employees get reliable access to power up multiple devices at once and organizations simplify a section of their IT department while significantly reducing costly electrical retrofit upgrades.

“With a 100 acre campus, my colleagues and I are able to work from dozens of outdoor open spaces on sunny days, along with many cafeterias and breakout locations. Our only constraint was the battery life of our devices. With Omnicharge Power Stations positioned throughout our campus, we can now check out chargers and work wherever we want without worrying about being tethered to a power outlet.” – Corporate employee of Fortune 50 company

It’s rare that employees are doing just one activity at a time on one device and staying in one place can get tiresome. The Omnicharge Power Station allows for a high-level power experience charging up to four devices at once. With its portable chargers, the corporate world can allow employees to be more flexible whether it’s within the office or out at a business conference.

For more details about the Omnicharge Power Station, check out its product page and contact a member of the team today.

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