Omnicharge’s Mission to Charge Up The World

Over the past few years, we’ve certainly seen Omnicharge as a whole grow leaps and bounds. Starting off just four years ago in 2015 until now, our team has grown from just a few people to over 50 in multiple offices around the world and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

From early on in the founding of our company, we understood people from all walks of life needed to remain powered up and mobile to be truly successful and productive. Whether it’s charging digital cameras for photoshoots, keeping the radios and mobile devices powered during major hurricanes, reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs for IT staff or staying charged up during classes, there’s no question accessible power is a necessity.

Running low on power for a laptop, tablet, phone and more is no longer an option for today’s digital nomad. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve developed and manufactured multiple solutions that benefit people’s charging needs any time, anywhere and on any device.

These are the smart charging product solutions we’ve developed, manufactured and deployed since 2015:

Omni 13: At our most basic level, this everyday powerbank offers up traditional sharing with an added AC outlet for emergencies and outputs 13,600 mAh

Omni 20: Our most popular and advanced powerbank has an AC outlet powerful enough to charge a 15” MacBook Pro and comes with adjustable DC voltage powerful enough to charge up photography field equipment and outputting 20,400 mAh  

Omni USB-C: Moving towards the future, the Omni USB-C has an industry-first dual powerbank with a 100 watt output with an integrated data hub file transfer function and a 20,100 mAh output of power

Omni Power Station: With ten Omni 20 units available to rent via Omnicharge’s mobile app, the Omni Power Station provides businesses from any industry peace of mind knowing their customers have accessible power to stay charged up on any device

We’ve made sure to cover all angles of the accessible power spectrum and we’ve made our chargers powerful enough to get people through any situation. All of our chargers are enabled with rapid charging USB ports, pass-through charging, OLED screens for usage status updates, and our Patented Power Protection SystemTM with multiple layers of protection.

Since our founding, we pride ourselves on being fully crowdsource funded. Our combined fundraising efforts for our products have culminated in over $3.5 million from public backers. We’ve seen success coming in the form of positive feedback on multiple accounts including many positive Amazon reviews. We’re currently expanding both domestically and internationally to help improve accessible power for everyone.

As a company that seeks to continually improve itself and its products, working with the public to ensure we’re producing top-notch solutions is imperative and we’re not done yet. This Summer, we’ll have a big announcement to share with everyone. Stay tuned.

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