Omnicharge’s August Newsletter – Partnerships, Media and More!

This Summer, we’ve joined forces with a strategic IT distributor partnership! Omnicharge’s full line of products are now available through IT resellers across the United States through Tech Data.

In addition to this announcement, we’ve raised our awareness through product reviews and media placements in publications like Channel Partners, University Business, RC Geeks, ZDNet and BGR.

Check out our August Newsletter for all the latest and greatest of what Omnicharge has been up to!

Blog Posts:

Our blog has covered the power challenges facing higher education institutions as well as how businesses can increase productivity in today’s smart tech-infused office environments. Our Director of B2B Sales, James Riel, shares tips on how to be more impactful with everyday work activities and our Marketing Manager, Allison Frieden, highlights photographers in Omnicharge’s Photographer Spotlight Series:

How to Elevate Effectiveness in Today’s Smart Tech Office

July Photographer Spotlight: A Snapshot of Nelly Saraiva

Media Coverage:

Omni 20 USB-C Battery Pack Review: If You Try This $200 Battery, You’ll Never Go Back

Best of The Best iPhone Accessories (July Edition)

Omnicharge Taps Tech Data for Charging Product Distribution

Omnicharge Enters Strategic Partnership to Expand Reseller Base


July 19, 2018

“This is so convenient! It’s also pretty affordable especially if you forget your charger and need to get a quick charge – no outlets required! Amazing!”

July 9, 2018

“Super convenient, easy to activate, and totally “life-saving” product! These Omnicharge chargers should be EVERYWHERE!”

June 26, 2018

“It’s so cool! Got it through Northeastern. Will be using all the time. Already told a bunch of people how cool it is!”

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