Omni 20 USB-C Battery Pack Review: If You Try This $200 Battery, You’ll Never Go Back

I remember introducing the rest of my family to rechargeable battery packs about seven years ago, just as everyone was migrating from Blackberries onto a mixture of Android and Palm Pre (!) devices. At the time, a 2,000mAh device that fit in a backpack and gave you 60 percent more battery life was the most magical thing I could remember.

Fast-forward to 2018, and battery packs can do a whole lot more. Thanks to improvements in battery technology, a pack the size of a few decks of playing cards can charge your phone for a week, and USB-C technology means that much bigger and more powerful devices can take a charge.

The usual accessory-manufacturer culprits sell a variety of USB-C battery packs, but upstart companies on crowdfunding platforms have also been exploring what the new technology is really capable. I’ve spent a while using one of the most successful crowdfunded packs, Omnicharge’s Omni 20 USB-C, and Belkin and Anker have cause to be very worried.

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