Omni 20 | The Best Portable Battery Pack?

There are many third-party battery and power solutions on the market, most of which have been designed to be used with your camera or accessories – think v-lock batteries with P-Tap connections. However, I’ve not really come across a universal charger that can power all of the different items that together make up my filmmaking kit. Which brings me to the Omni 20 by Omnicharge, which after using for some time on various projects, I believe is the one portable battery pack to rule them all.

The Omni 20 packs in 20400mAh worth of power, if you need to visualise how big that capacity is, then it’s roughly around 20 of the Sony Alpha FW-50 batteries, or if you’re used to the bigger Sony BP batteries, its roughly around 4 of the BP-U60s (the medium sized ones of the range). It takes roughly around 2 hours to fully charge the Omni 20, and whilst charging it can of course still output power. All in all, it’s plenty of juice to have in your kit bag in a relatively sleek and compact housing.

Now I know that batteries can be somewhat of a dryer topic when it comes to geeking out on the filmmaking gear, but they are of course fundamental to making things work – you’re going to be needing power. So before I jump into why I like the Omni 20, first I’ll give you the highlights of what I’ve used this portable battery pack to power, just to give you an idea as to how flexible it is:

Charging multiple Sony A7S batteries simultaneously – and pretty much any other camera batteries I’ve needed charging.

Powering a Tascam-70D audio recorder

Powering a 15” MacBook Pro and external HDD for editing on a train journey.

Making the classic Dedolight battery powered.

Charging DJI Mavic Pro drone batteries.

Powering a 42inch TV (why not?).

And finally, yet most importantly for me when traveling – charging my iPhone.

For the full review, please visit Wex Photo Video.

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