How to Elevate Effectiveness in Today’s Smart Tech Office

Technology. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen its impact on the world around us. From ordering your favorite meal online for delivery to sending messages all over the world in mere seconds, it’s safe to say that various types of technology have had a profound way of changing how tasks are accomplished.

This year, Gartner predicted that 45 percent of the fastest-growing companies around the world would have more smart technologies in place than employees.

Basically, nearly any facet of our daily lives can be subject to an injection of what’s dubbed “smart” technology. It seems that any piece of tech that makes people’s everyday lives more efficient, effective and enjoyable is quickly absorbed by the public’s appetite.

Inevitably, this creates a problem for businesses as these smart technologies spill into the professional corporate office arena. It’s now rare to go to work without doing some sort of work on an electronic device be it a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Some people don’t even know what to do when Gmail or Slack goes down for more than five minutes.

Here’s how smart technologies are positively and negatively impacting businesses today:


– Streamlines daily work activities

– Expedites meeting summary follow ups and basic communication

– Increases amount of work that can be accomplished


– Restricts mobility due to being tethered to a wall outlet for charging

– Malfunctions unexpectedly slowing down work processes

To help guarantee that businesses are never without power, portable battery options, like our Omni 20, Omni USB-C and Omni Power Station, are the optimal solutions. Rather than buying an generator or hiring an electrician to install additional outlets – both of which are incredibly time consuming, expensive and disruptive to business processes – providing access to a mobile answer like power banks or stations are much more seamless avenues for businesses, their employees and IT staff.

In addition to providing access to portable power solutions, businesses also may want to consider the following with regards to circumventing possible smart tech downfalls:

– Scheduling routine brainstorm sessions with a “no device policy” requirement

– Allow for more work from home options

– Plan a quarterly lunch and learn session around a non-tech focused topic

For more details on the Omnicharge suite of products, please check out our product pages.   

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