Holiday Gift Guide: The 7 Best Tech Toys to Give This Year

There’s no easier way to impress your recipients this season than by giving them one of these coveted devices. From smart hubs to cameras, we’ve rounded up the best tech toys to give this year.

Easy to install and easy to use, these gifts are foolproof ways to upgrade anyone’s routine or roster of products, whether you’re keeping them connected, keeping them safe, or showing them a better way to snap those pictures.

Free yourself from the wall. Get the Omnicharge, a new intelligent charging power bank that has AC/DC outlets to charge your laptops, DSLR cameras and more. Think of it like one of those portable phone power banks, only for all your larger electronics and tech toys.

The Omni 20 can charge your phones 5-9 times, your laptop, tablet, gaming consoles and even your drones. A screen lets you know your battery life. The Omni itself can be charged through your car outlet, USB or laptop power adapter. 

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