Higher Ed’s Power Demanding Needs

As technology continues to pervade the day-to-day lifestyle of most people, it’s also having a unique impact on universities. Now, students have more access than ever before to stay in-the-know on their future industries, connected with friends and the world.

Today’s student carries an average of seven devices at any given time. To help everyone on campus remain mobile and productive, university IT staff is presented with the problem of how to provide additional power without breaking the bank.

When weighing out the new power option solutions, universities need to keep the following in mind:  

– Cost of infrastructural upgrades

– Workspace flexibility

– Self-service options

– Increase in productivity

– Theft prevention

– Smart hardware

There needs to be an inexpensive yet reliable way to provide access to power to everyone without compromising on workspace or putting added stress onto current IT staff.

The answer to increasing power without disrupting the education space comes through the Omnicharge Power Station. By turning one outlet into ten and having multiple ways to charge, this product gives university IT staff peace of mind.

Here’s a peak at how the Omnicharge Power Station is being used on university campuses:


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