Best of The Best iPhone Accessories (July Edition)

There’s what feels like an infinite amount of iPhone accessories on the market. Some are good. Some are OK. Many are just awful. But a select few are amazing. Here are the iPhone accessories that I rely on daily.

Omnicharge Omni 20 USB-C

Without a doubt the Omni 20 USB-C is the best, most fully-featured power bank that I’ve every used. Think of this not as a power bank, but a $200 computer-controlled USB charging station.

Tech specs:

  • 2 x USB-C output: 60W single/100W total
  • 2 x USB-A output: 15W single/30W total
  • USB C hub feature to allow file transfer and charging
  • USB C input: 45W total
  • Full recharge time: 3 hours
  • OLED display
  • 12-layers of electrical protection
  • 20,100 mAh capacity

For the full article, visit ZDNet.

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