April’s Photographer Spotlight Shines on Anders Bybjerg

Today’s on-the-go digital lifestyle lends itself to the necessity of having reliable access to power sources at any time. While some may opt for a complicated system of feeding one device battery off of another or staying close to a wall outlet throughout the day, both of those options can be inefficient.

Photography tends to be more often than not a profession that requires constant access to a reliable power source. From photoshoots in the Swiss Alps to destination weddings and more, photographers aren’t always in close range to power for maintaining an uninterrupted work day. As such, we’ve decided to start a Photographer Spotlight monthly series where we talk to photographers about what attracted them to the field, the equipment used on a regular basis and their experiences staying charged up.

In this post, we shine the light on Denmark native, Anders Bybjerg. While traveling around the world as a young person, Bybjerg was bitten by the exploration bug at an early age. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

AF: What drove your passion to become a photographer?
AB: My passion for the outdoors as well as documenting and creating all came together a few years ago in the form of me picking up a camera as I set out to explore and enjoy everywhere I went. Since then, it’s taken many forms and nuances but the storytelling will always be what keeps me engaged.

AF: Can you tell me about your journey to where you are today in the photography world?
AB: My journey started with an end of a summer road trip I took a couple of years ago. After spending the summer working manual labor for 50 hours a week, I decided to get in my car and head West. I started in Chicago and drove all the way to Glacier National Park. Along the way, I saw so much and although I had no idea what I was doing, having a camera in my hand seemed natural and helped me process what I was experiencing. Since then, it’s been a long journey of adapting my eye and my style to what I enjoy or what I’m feeling in a certain moment. For the past year and a half, I’ve been constantly working on my craft every single day by trying to document the story of a place, brand or even the love between two people.

AF: What type of photography equipment do you use on a regular basis?
AB: I shoot mainly on my Canon 5D Mark III but also have a Canon EOS 3 35mm camera that I use to shoot film. I also have a DJI Phantom 3 drone that I use for aerial photos and video.

AF: Do any of your pieces of photography equipment require reliable access to power? 
AB: They all do! Including my phone and my laptop which I use for editing and sharing my work.

AF: How did you come to learn about Omicharge’s products?
AB: I was looking for a portable charging option and wanted something that was efficient both in use and in the space it takes up. I found the Omni 20 and have definitely found my charger for the future.

AF: How often do you use Omnicharge’s products?
AB: When I’m out roaming around and when I’m shooting, I use it multiple times a day. When I’m moving around town, I bring it with me if I know I’m going somewhere without access to power, which I’d say happens a few times a week, given that all the plugs seem to always be taken at local coffee shops. I recently brought it with me to a wedding as insurance that I would have enough power to get me through the day.

AF: Since using Omnicharge, how have your photoshoots changed?
AB: The biggest thing that’s changed is that I no longer need to stress or worry about running out of power. Ultimately, eliminating worries and stress is a big factor when you’re a creative. The less obstructions and distractions, the more your work can shine for itself.

AF: What would you say to other photographers about Omnicharge that are looking for a reliable power source in the field?
AB: I’d say if you’re someone who’s ever worried about not having access to power or a charger, or ever been in a situation where your work or ability to share your work has been set back by a dead battery, then you should look into investing in an Omnicharge product.

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