ABC – Always. Be. Charging. Omni 20 Power Bank by Omnicharge

In 2018, we’re all slaves to our battery life. We’ve all lived through it – eagle eyed at the airport looking for a socket, grabbing the best table at the coffee shop to plug in, lowering your screen brightness for those extra precious minutes, or resigning yourself to “find a good stopping point” on your flight as your battery careens towards its inevitable demise. The proliferation of portable battery packs has helped alleviate some of this pressure for our cell phones, but laptops and other gadgets still remain stubbornly reliant on an outlet with more juice. Omnicharge is hoping to fix that with its Omni 20 Power Bank.

The Omni 20 Power Bank packs 20,400 mAh into its compact package, and provides a standard AC outlet to charge any gadget with a plug! At long last, a battery pack that steps outside the confines of a USB charger.

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