4 Unique Ways to Charge Your Gadgets

If you’re away from an outlet or on the road, a portable backup battery is essential for your phone. These backup battery solutions step it up a notch with some unique features!

OmniCharge, starting at $180

OmniCharge makes the ultimate power banks. There are several different models, but we tested the Omni 20. This gives you the flexibility to charge anything, anywhere thanks to a built-in AC outlet and DC port. Yes, the OmniCharge has a real power outlet so you can plug in anything with a standard plug. But, you can also use a DC adapter to plug in and power pretty much any laptop at full speed. If you’re really out and about, you can recharge the OmniCharge using a solar panel. I also love how the OmniCharge has a built-in LCD screen so you can see exactly how much juice your battery has left and see the exact output in real time. It’s a road warrior nerd’s dream.

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