12 High-Tech Gifts To Get Dad For Father’s Day

If your dad gave you a Father’s Day wishlist right now, chances are it would probably include tons of practical pieces of gear and none of the gadgets or devices he’s really wanted for years. But screw that. Instead of the basic items he knows he needs, get him some high-tech products that’ll make his life a hell of a lot easier—or at least way more fun. From 4K TVs to a pair of awesome headphones, here are a dozen killer gifts from the world of tech.

Omni USB-C Power Bank

Nothing outside of a wall socket will keep your dad’s gadgets charged better than this power bank. The lithium-ion cells hold 20,100 mAh power (enough to charge an iPhone X more than seven times), while the four USB ports allow cameras, GPS devices, and flashlights to draw power at the same time. But tech geeks will most appreciate the OLED screen. In addition to showing you how much power is left, it serves as a real-time monitor of which devices are drawing the most energy. [$200; amazon.com]

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